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If your company is spending 6-10 figures a year in marketing endeavours, you'll be painfully aware that a significant portion of your ad budget is money down the drain.  It's infuriating to analyse the bottom-line and see that, statistically, up to 60% of your budget is being lost in wasted ad-spend.

wasted ad spendAdding to this staggering statistic, is Business Insider's estimate that $11.6billion was wasted in bots/non-human views of ads in 2014.

When allocating your budget, you expect some loss. It's the name of the game, right? A known factor, the fraudulent wastage of your company's profits is acceptable loss - because it's always been that way.

We believe that advertisers should do more to sit with clients as partners, NOT as unwanted house guests who demand more, more, more for mediocre results. We don't believe in advertisers who sell hope through inflated impressions and reach figures (that include bots!). We don't believe you should rent a seat at the table to speak to your target audience!

"Digital marketing spend will top $103 billion and represent 36% of all U.S. ad spending by 2019; [it] will overtake TV advertising in 2016." Source: Advertising Age.


Whilst there is a definite trend to using Digital Advertising, we believe there is deeper way to engage interest groups and audiences, while winning them over to your brand.

The fact is that consumers hate ads. Sure, they'll watch the entertaining ones, but overall they dislike them so much that YouTube have now confirmed the launch of an ad-free version, for users to pay and stop being harassed by annoying video ads.

This is just one in a long string of innovations because consumers are savvy, time-poor and have a low tolerance for unwanted things that require their attention.

In addition, services like AdBlock are making it very difficult for brands to even get in front of their consumers. Why? Because once installed, users don't see any adverts, on any websites, anywhere on the web!

AdBlock Plus. The company who beat advertiser groups in court to uphold the right to block ads.

Over 300million people have downloaded AdBlock. That's 300million people who will NEVER, EVER see your carefully crafted, masterfully poised, heat-mapped based, expensive adverts!


PUT IN PERSPECTIVE... The entire population of the United States (excluding 20.8 million people) will never see your ads! Even if it could potentially interest them! Source: US Census Bureau states the 2015 population of USA is 320.8 million.

The point here is, unless your clients are in the marketing space, they simply don't care to pour over your adverts!


It makes sense, when you think about it, to have a long-term strategy to grow specific  audiences for everything that you plan to sell this year and throughout the 2016-2018 period. Right now, your ad-spend is likely to increase to keep up with competition and to stay relevant to your audiences.

Even with the increased budget requirements, you still have that pesky 60% ad-spend wastage to contend with... It's no small number!

But what if, instead of planning to spend more on advertising, you instead invested in building your digital 'stadium' — full of fans who love you, may buy from you in the future, have bought from you in the past, or know someone who falls into those categories?

Instead of advertising when you need sales, or when you need to get the word out, why not turn this marketing game on its head? Why not BECOME the media?

Become the trailblazer in your industry with a Direct To Consumer strategy!

Our competitive edge here at EmpireDynamic ADX, is our sole focus on building highly engaged digital communities for our own and other brands.

To break that down further, because of what we do and how we do it, we do not need to spend any money on advertising to secure and create super fans in any niche!

authentic marketingThat's a bold statement. We know. We think it's revolutionary too - but it's not a pipe dream for us! It's our reality.

If your business would like to leverage our capabilities and accelerate the rate at which you find, attract & engage with potential customers, we encourage you to explore the site and reach out!

Go ahead... We're ready to blow you away!

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