Strategic & Authentic FanBase Growth


EmpireDynamic ADX creates rapid customer-attraction opportunities for brands and companies to be discovered and connect with their target audience. We do this by leveraging 5,000+ hours of analysis, research, testing and strategic targeting.

When we look at a company who wants to grow, it's important to understand WHY...

Why they want to grow? Why their audience will give a hoot? Why their story is better than the competition? Most importantly... Why what they're already doing may not be working as well as they'd like?

So let's start at the beginning...

When you think about your target client/buyer/audience (let's call them Toni)...

You want to tap into Toni's desires, pain points, aspirations and ideals. You need Toni to see that you are not only the supplier of choice; but the best choice! The only logical choice.

You want Toni to think of you first when recommending you to friends/colleagues, when that opportunity to buy comes - you want to be on the tip of Toni's tongue, mind and fingertips.

So how do we do that?

SetWidth700-Data-Scientist-2It's a complicated science made simple through our experience.

What we want to do, and what we've been really successful at doing is tapping into interest pockets in Twitter where Toni hangs out. But you can't just INSERT/PUSH your marketing message there. Toni is way to savvy for that!

You know Toni doesn't want to be cajoled into buying from you. Toni wants to know you're the best provider, that others will admire the decision to buy from you, that you are popular and competent, and even if you're not the cheapest... you're the best for the budget available.

Our challenge is to find Toni... those that influence Toni, those that are peers to Toni, and to intermingle your brand, values, solutions (not services), to them. To make you a talking point, make you a desirable partner, make you THE de facto choice.

If Toni believes in your company, if Toni's friends and colleagues have fallen in love with what you stand for, if they know you're great because others they look to in leadership think you're great too... then voila!

So there's the SIMPLE bit...

Now for the complicated part...

Our primary focus is to find the most cost effective, efficient and timely strategies to build the environment for Toni et al. to hang out. We want to make YOUR SPOT the newest 'in club' in the global virtual town that is the 302 million-strong active Twitter community.

If you've already developed a brand voice, then we'll work with you to deepen the meaning of it and bring fresh ideas to the table to help increase engagement and discussions that lead to your desired outcomes.

If you are yet to develop a meaningful voice that Toni feels connected to, then we'll help you do that. We'll discover what Toni cares about - not just as pertains to your business and services, but Toni's other interests... What TV shows and books is Toni into? What problems does Toni face in day-to-day home and work life.

audienceWe want to inject you naturally, and humanize your brand so that Toni sees you as a trusted part of daily life - not just one who comes in and out on a transactional basis.

We want Toni to be a lifetime ambassador, super-fan and champion for you. Because let's face it... Toni as a super fan and peer-influencer for YOUR brand is the Holy Grail!

Now, back to the complicated part...

It usually takes us a couple of weeks to do a ton of background work that will lead to a successful campaign roll-out with less false starts. In this time we're really getting under the hood on how Toni thinks, and how you need to engage your audience. We must find the most authentic ways to lead Toni to the outcome that you want. Whether that's a sale, to become a prolific fan, or to simply share and know you're there so that there is a conversion later.

What we need from you...

You've gotta tell us... "Look guys, we're stumped on *this* (whatever that specific stumbling block may be). But let's work together - you guys do your magic, so that we can get back to making our clients happy by doing what we do best."

And here's the magic...

We'll become YOUR streamlined fan-attraction steam-rolling machine. We're going to find your target audience... Toni's and all of Toni's friends, colleagues and counterparts... and we're going to pull them into your sphere.

At that time, you can choose to manage all the engagement with them yourselves, or if you need us to step in and support that side of things, we can do that too with dedicated Brand Ambassadors in-house. It starts immediately as we get on the team... That very day!

We want you to let us become an extension of your brand. Your symbiotic shadow. Your Obi-Wan! In essence - we're going to fill the gap that your organization has needed plugged. And we'll do it as a part of you - not aside from you.

Once we truly understand what you want, if we can deliver it - we'll be there till the end. Your 'ride or die', take no prisoners hired gun. We'll work our proprietary strategies, tested and proven processes and work to get you the results.

If we don't believe it's in our skill set to deliver you what you want or need; we won't take you on as a client, and we'll try our darndest to introduce you to someone we know who can help you; even if we don't make a profit from it - we'd like to know you're going to get what YOU need, NOT what we 'sell'.

What would success look like?

Well, that's a subjective question, everyone we deal with wants something different, but just to give you an idea, here are some of our successes:

  1. Our Hyper-Accelerated Organic Growth Is remarkableLaunching a movement that engages 5,000 people weekly generating close to 100,000 hashtag mentions a month
  2. Trending in a number of countries
  3. Increasing followers by 781% (yep that much!) in 14 months
  4. Generating over 9million views per month on our most active property
  5. Increasing impressions by 185% in 6 months
  6. Increasing authentic targeted followers 4,000-7,000 weekly without any ad-spend
  7. Increasing mentions by 132% within 6 months
  8. We maintain a 97% AUTHENTIC follower score with all accounts we build! (Much more than celebrities, politicians, every TV show we've surveyed and every magazine and influencer we've ever surveyed who tend to average 40-70%).
  9. Creating top posts on the most important trends and hashtags, thus increasing exposure
  10. Providing brand attraction exposure to as many as 500,000 people daily (again with no ad spend)
  11. Launching brands to over 1.1-million people in one day through our Influencers Network


One last thing worth noting...

Part of our vision, and why we're even able to help you grow your fan base, is because we started EmpireDynamic ADX to grow our own network; spanning tens of hot-topic verticals from sports to business and beauty to green issues.

As part of our service and collaboration with you, we will further elevate your brand across our own highly engaged network and relevant verticals to increase your exposure.

We're influential in everything we do, and part of how we're able to give you quick wins is that we tap into our own and extended influential network to expand your message far and wide.

We think that's pretty cool!

Here is some bad news... One possible reason we might not be a good fit...

We're not good with micro-managers... It's true. We're all young passionate, hardworking rebels. We just don't like being told what to do... especially when we're damn good at getting results doing it our way.

If your company wants a servant, we're probably not going to be a good fit for you. We'll be straight with you. We're not 'YES-men'. We're just not going to agree with you because you pay the check. If we think there's something that needs to be done to make you shine, we're going to tell you. We're going to be straight with you. We're not going to wrap you in cotton wool. We're also really bad at brown-nosing. Really, really bad. So if that's the kind of supplier you need - then we're not it. #SorryNotSorry!

compatibilityIf, HOWEVER, you want a partner-in-PRIME... An A-Team who expands your potential, magnifies your brand, promotes your ideas and does it with flair, panache and excellence... then we're it. We're great at that!

We think from the side of the table that says... "How can we do this?!" "Can it be better?" "Let's replicate the successes we had here!"

You can be rest assured that we respect and honour our client-family. We always have; and we value those who treat us as valued partners.

We find that turning away clients who are unreasonably demanding or unrealistic means we get to spend much more time getting top results for our best clients... That's really what floats our boat.

If you've ever felt that your best clients and fans may not even know you exist yet...

You may be right. Fact is, if you're not visible enough (at the right time), you're not relevant! It's not fair... but it's accurate!

There are millions of people out there who haven't discovered you yet! That's a sobering thought for a brand on a mission. But although we won't promise you a million new customers, we WILL guarantee you unrivalled results vs what you've already tried.

You have OUR WORD!

Should we work together?

Well... Before we 'date', let's start with a virtual coffee and have a discovery call. We accept clients by introduction or application ONLY. We don't accept every application. However, if you believe your brand is ready to be our next MVP. Please apply below by providing us some brief details:

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