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  • Within 18 months our Digital Exposure Network™ will have close to 6-million authentic followers, within 2 years that figure will be closer to 10-million. By then we conservatively predict we'll have 500m-1billion monthly views network-wide.
  • In addition to our own network, we are also growing our Influencer Network which we expect will exceed 50million followers (with a high level of authenticity) within 12 months.
  • Wherever thriving brands need help to propagate their message - we'll be there building a highly engaged community that's ready for them to tap into through sponsorship and endorsement.


We know businesses and brands have an increasingly difficult time delivering their message and story in an authentic, meaningful yet profitable way.  It is much harder to stay relevant and rise above the noise in the digital world.

Unfortunately, many brands were too late to the party and are now playing catch-up. Other brands are being stifled or plagued by a widening pool of competition and choice.  We know you need to go beyond 'branding' and get better results from your direct response campaigns. We know that you want to move faster from first look to transactional behaviour.

Our expertise in building solid communities has led us to the only solution that can ensure that our clients no longer waste valuable time and resources on delivering their message through channels that don't give them the desired results.

Our Digital Exposure Network™ is adept at building communities and helping create marketing narratives that deliver their message direct to the consumer.

Through endorsements, sponsorship, and targeted tweet campaigns we are able to spread your message through relevant brand properties on our own network and through our Influencer and Strategic Networks.

The verticals we're presently building out include:

  • Entertainment/Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Military
  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Money & Investing
  • Luxury
  • Tech
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Weddings


  • Hundreds of niche interest groups
  • Primarily aged 18-55
  • USA, UK and various other countries (we can niche by City)
  • Male and Female
  • All levels of education, background and from both ends of the financial spectrum as needed for the purposes of the account

Primary Languages

  • English
  • Spanish (soon)

What does this mean?

As the premier Digital Exposure Network™, it is our thorough intent to build thriving, highly engaged fans, supporters and followers under the verticals above.

It's not just about the growth, it's about our talent pool of influencers who represent the voice of our brand properties.

When we work with a brand, company or personality to give them significant exposure to our Network brand properties, we meticulously co-create the narrative and campaign to create the best experience for the target audience - leading to a great outcome for the brand.


If you believe your brand is ready to be our next MVP, please apply below by providing us with some brief details about your goals. You will be contacted by an EmpireDynamic Rainmaker today (during working hours):


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