You’ve made it!! You’ve arrived!!

Having spent years paying your dues, you're getting the attention you deserve. Your fans and supporters love and believe in you. They're loyal, always waiting for your next appearance/project and they feel like they know you.

You make good... no... you make great money - more than you have before. Yeah you're busy, at times overwhelmed, but these are the best days of your life - right?

99 Problems...You may have 99 problems, but in the top 3 on the list along with many other celebrities and personalities is managing your money; more specifically, making sure there is more than enough of it coming in from a variety of sources.

Genuine threats to your earning power include health issues, delayed or missing royalties, legal battles, public relations snafus, tax issues, new/old management, bankruptcy, divorce and countless other cash flow disrupters. Not to mention the slew of new talent entering the market who make the space you shine in, that bit smaller, and a lot more competitive.

One serious problem our celebrity friends have shared with us is the fact that they primarily only generate income when they perform/appear. Outside of that, they have some investments, and perhaps a business/brand that they have launched or co-founded in order to leverage revenue from consumers who are exposed to them. But it's a concern they can't shake and it keeps them working harder than ever.

"I have to be careful because I’ve had Lupus for two years and my body may say I can’t work anymore, I need to rest. I’m in a position to make money as long as I can work but the second I can’t get up and sing, that’s an issue for me".
Toni Braxton (post-bankrupcy Interview on The Breakfast Club 2014)

Although you don’t feel you have the right to complain because let's face it, thousands would die to swap places with you, you just want to do what you love because you want to do it... not because you have to.

It's more difficult than ever to stay relevant, to keep working and to generate revenues when you're outside of the area you are most famous for. You have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. You feed families, including your own - from your craft.

Isn't it time to turn your untapped opportunities into profit centres that can materialise into income, royalties and more?


At EmpireDynamic ADX - VIP, we empower you by attracting dynamic, engaged and stupendous audiences and fans to you, your businesses and your projects. Anywhere in the world!

We believe that you're a living, walking, talking corporation - but we must empower you to leverage your intangible and untapped opportunities to create new revenues that don't leave you dependent on 'working' for money.

With the audiences we build, you are able to independently (or with our help):

  • Attract consumers to enable you to sell directly to consumer
  • Expand your fan base and significantly increase your exposure (discover more about FanBase Growth here)
  • Leverage your increased popularity to help you secure or improve endorsement deal offers
  • Secure sponsorship for hand's off revenue from global brands and corporations


Fake who, Say what?

Real-or-FakeIt's a poorly kept dirty little secret that the majority of high-profile individuals on Twitter and Instagram engage in buying large quantities of fake followers. It's a false economy because although it makes you look popular, those bots are of absolutely no value to you from a revenue standpoint, they are also no benefit to sponsors.

We are so sure of our ability to build you genuine audiences that we offer guarantees that your real followers will never fall below 97%. Out of every 1Million followers, 970,000 of them will be real, relevant and highly engaged and active.

EmpireDynamic ADX is championing genuine hyper-accelerated growth, authentic highly engaged followers who match your demographic, and who are more likely to buy into what you sell.

If you want that kind of super-fan base, then we're probably going to get on really well!

Why you're here at this page, right now

Most likely (since we only accept clients via introduction) you've heard that we're doing some spectacular things for other celebrities and personalities. Someone influential, that you know, has trusted us to help them and we've outperformed their expectations.

Now you're here. You want similar results. Thanks for doing your due diligence and checking us out!

We see various profit channels being missed by celebrities, personalities and VIPs. Don't be one of them! If we tap into the right audiences for you, your growth opportunities will increase just as fast as your earning power will!

We can locate and attract fans for you from 120+ countries, any city, any age group and demographic. Just tell us who you want in your #fandom and we'll help you get it!

It's important that those are leveraged fully to be able to add to your legacy...

We have a VIP Concierge for high-profile clients. Essentially we are here to work with you as you grow your brand. Whether you do so independently or attached to another entity, we're always in your corner attracting genuine fans and exposing you to new digital audiences all over the world.

You should know that we are never here to pander to pampered celebrities! We're rock stars at what we do too! But we will always be honest with you, we will work with integrity and we will always work in your best interest because we desire long-term relationships over a lucrative flash-in-the-pan.

Our VIP Concierge is available to call you back if you send an inquiry directly on the form. We will get back to you today. We know you're busy!


If you represent talent, we are able to work seamlessly as an extension of your existing services to your client. We'll provide you with materials that can be re-badged with your brand, or co-branded with us to enable you to present your company as a solution for your clients. We will never circumvent you to build a relationship with your client.

Contact us for a discussion with an EmpireDynamic ADX Rainmaker to discover if we could be a good fit for each other: