Agency White-Label Solutions

Here at EmpireDynamic ADX we know the importance of delivering for your clients. You work hard to secure major contracts and now you have to deliver what you've promised...

When we speak to Agencies, they tell us the biggest problem they face is the inability to keep up with the minutia of engaging and developing deep relationships with fans and followers across all the verticals they have in their portfolio.

Our Digital Exposure Network is synonymous with helping brands get enormous exposure for launches or long-tail promotion campaigns or movements. What makes us pretty amazing is, we work with agencies who are already committed to delivering these services in a 100% white-label arrangement.

If you have a relationship with your clients and want them to see all the amazing things that we do - as though you did them - is something we can do for you agency, as we do for others.

Benefits of white-label partnership with us:

1. Cost advantages:

The most obvious and visible benefit relates to the cost. When your core team removes the burden of hiring, training and managing additional staff members to deliver every element of the service, while fighting to show the business case and KPIs, is a challenge to say the least.

What we can do that stands out from the pack, is align with you on your agreed KPIs, strategize a way to accomplish the desired outcome (whether that's long or short-term) and deliver accountable ROI.

Because we ALREADY have over 40 million+ views a month we're in an ideal position to give any campaign an initial boost as well as ongoing evidenced value.

The lack of people you have to hire gives immediate savings on infrastructure, floor space and technology.

2. Increased efficiency:  

We're different to a typical marketing agency and we're not a 'social media consultancy'... we're not promising outcomes we 'hope' to deliver. Because we're a Digital Exposure Network we are adept at bringing promotions to market quickly!

In addition, we know what we're good at - we DON'T spend months pitching for contracts with corporations, we run about 20-23 hours a day with our team in 7 countries from Europe to Asia and North America - and fan base growth and relationship building is all we do.

When we take this on for you, your internal efficiency increases and you merely need to monitor our transparent reporting protocols.

3. Focus on core areas:

Your business has a million things to do and it's all urgent. You've developed disciplines in multiple areas, however building fans, deep relationship building and KPIs like; lead generation, influencers participation, social shares, virality, sales, loyalty are a challenge to deliver month on month. Whilst you could do many of this in-house, it makes sense to partner with a company who is not only reliable and competent, but whose position as part of your team becomes an evolving asset.

This allows your team to focus more on your core competencies instead of trying to do it all. There's no reason why you have to sell a full-service agency and deliver it all yourself. It's just smart business to let other partners like us do what we do best, while you continue to do the same!

4. Leverage a moving bus:

Leverage the capability of our Digital Exposure Network to get an immediate boost of promotional power that your client may not allow you to do from their social assets. When you secure a client, they want you to prove you bring something new to the table, they already have marketing clout in their arsenal, they don't need you for that! What they do need is you to bring them something special, different and most of all... effective.

As your hired gun, we bring leverage with us. We've grown niche audiences in over 30 social brands we own and control for numerous years. By partnering with us, you get access to those in a way that will make a discernible difference and allow your client to see the unique value you bring to the table.

Essentially, you're not simply helping them do more with what they've got, but you are giving them more access to what they want.

5. Time zone advantage:

With us, you have a formidable time-zone advantage. Our team are dispersed worldwide, we're performing when you're asleep and delivering results that your 9-5 team cannot possibly achieve cost-effectively.

6. Unparalleled 99% Uptime:

Saving an act of God, we're up and running 365 days a year! Yup! Weekends, evenings and holidays.  Our experienced team leverage collaboration and job sharing to ensure no one person is solely in the know about your business, KPIs and what we're responsible for delivering on your behalf. Our management team are also on rota 7 days a week. Account Managers work Monday through Friday and serve as your single point of contact with us.

7. Skilled partners: 

Access to skilled resources without the statutory headaches of hiring. We have an amazing modulated training process and no one person has all the IP needed to deliver to our clients. EVERYTHING we do is systemized, simplified and has a proven and predictable outcome. With over 8,000 invested hours developing our craft, it shows. Our new hires are on-boarded in much the way a new clients would be. We have an ongoing career and skills development program and new hires add to our training programmes by writing guides and manuals for all colleagues to access.

Our team is developed from the bottom up with a strong 'peer mentorship' program that means staff on our team are quickly developed to supervisor/trainer (or higher) responsibility with a strong career path.

What is particularly breathtaking is our ability to expand our team for quick deployments on complexed campaigns within days or weeks as the project requires.


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