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So... You're Ready To Take Your Brand to The Next Level...? Cue the Phenom The Digital Exposure Network™;


Did you know there are over 317 Million people using Twitter every month (roughly the population of the USA)? With that, we've pinpointed a plethora of highly predictable strategies to secure the exposure you need to your target market, get the word out and monetize your brand in new and innovative ways that help you stand out!

Our Digital Exposure Network™ boasts over 2 million followers in total, we have 90 million+ monthly views of our social posts, and we have over 30 brands ranging from travel, beauty, health, food, sports, millennials, music, business, finance, tech, women, luxury, and lifestyle to name but a few.


We're not a typical agency.

With us, you’re buying intellectual property and unparalleled know-how. Our campaigns create interaction, buy-in, monetization potential and strong brand loyalty with every activation. Our diverse marketing, growth, client success, research and business development teams are located in 7 countries and we’re LIVE and running campaigns 365 days a year about 22 hours a day.

We're not a good fit for everyone.

We have hundreds of new inquiries each week to partner with us!! This is a testament to the power of our strategies and the desire brands have to tap into our audience. For this reason, we are very selective about the clients we represent.

Remember, we promote your brand to our existing audience + help you build and monetize fresh audiences + deepen relationships and hit KPIs with your existing audience and more. So from our end, we want to join your party at the right time so you're ready to react to the activations we create on your behalf. Just an FYI, we work primarily with brands, agencies, celebrities/personalities and established/fast-growth companies.

Where should we go from here?

We will need a little information about you to go back to my team and talk through how we'd help you achieve your goals.

To help prevent us doing a lot of back and forth emails, can you share your goals, and more about what you want to achieve via this form >> << I can then share this with a couple colleagues and we'll get back with you with a more definitive approach on how we can move forward.

We'll come back to you within a day or two on ideas on how we can drive your brand forward. I look forward to getting this response from you - the form only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Due to the sheer volume of inquiries we get, we won't be able to move forward until you have completed this info.

It's great to connect and see where we can go from here!

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