Every time you produce a video, commercial, film or show you have a really nasty habit.

It's a habit we think you need to break urgently, because it's eating away at your profits like a rabid dog who stumbled on leftover steak outside Olive Garden!

The production-marketing world has never been under so much pressure to perform. At the same time, budgets have never been harder to get approved! There's an immense amount of competition for your audiences time, attention and heart.

How do shows like 'Empire' get it right... So damn right? They took their campaign to the streets way before the show premiered, they went for the right target markets, they thought differently and they captured audiences from several key niches that helped spark the craze. They growth-hacked and they did it masterfully becoming a smash hit instantly!

How did 'Avatar' get it right and become the biggest Box Office success of all time? They went BIG in everything! Their marketing was master strokes of genius left and right.

But for every Avatar and Empire there is a wasteland littered with those that outright just didn't cut it. There is nothing more debilitating for cast and crew than to have performed excellently, and be let down by "audiences not catching on".

Let's not fluff around here! It's not the audiences fault that the marketing for the production just didn't hit the soprano note required to become a hit!

Statistics show that 65% of new network television series are cancelled within their first season. Just grasp that for a moment. That means (if you produce shows) as many as 7 out of every 10 that you slave away to conceptualize, create, get green lit, fund and premier will  end up on the crap-how-do-we-monetize-this-now pile.

narrow-castingIt's true, there are a million reasons why shows and films can fail. But in 2015 the biggest threat for major and independent producers is that their audiences need to see themselves in the production AND the marketing like never before.

It is imperative to be on point with narrowcasting and, even more so, to rapidly build communities for each property that you can leverage for greater sponsorship and ad revenue.

You need VERY specific targeting strategy for audiences to truly engage in a valuable way with your film/show. That's a fact!




'Direct To Consumer' is the new black in convergence marketing. We're putting your ad-dollars back in your profit column and helping you rapidly grow audiences you'll own!  Through this you can engage with, promote to and gain more advertising dollars. We'll literally attract and enthuse new audiences for your production who absolutely love the stories you tell!

We do NOT pay for any advertising at all. None. We are able to achieve amazing results without it! Here are just a few of our relevant successes:

  1. Launching a movement that engages 5,000 people weekly generating close to 100,000 hashtag mentions a month (we'd look to do that for you too!)
  2. #Trending in a number of countries every week
  3. Increasing followers by 781% (yep that much!) in a little over a year
  4. Generating over 9-Million views per month on our most active property
  5. Increasing (real) impressions by 185% in and @mentions by 132% within 6 months
  6. Organically growing authentic targeted followers 4,000-7,000 weekly without any ad-spend
  7. Maintaining a minimum 97% AUTHENTIC follower score with all accounts we build!
  8. Providing brand attraction exposure to as many as 500,000 people daily (again with no ad spend)
  9. Launching brands to over 1.1-million people in one day through our Influencers Network


We're growth-hacking rainmakers who instantly (yup instantly) create very specific communities on behalf of our clients.

In the context of TV & Film that means, we take a brief to fully understand the audience you want to attract for your property. We then get to tinkling... we're looking at all the things your audience has in common, what OTHER films do they enjoy? Where do they shop? What TV shows do they watch? What are they talking about in Social Media? We get deep into their psyche and understand where they are... THEN... we go get em! A lot of them!

rent_vs_ownWe pull them into your vortex quickly. We don't advertise to them, we draw them in.

We call it Hyper-Accelerated Organic Growth... Fancy words that mean we help you to become the OWNER of your audience so you quit paying to rent it!

Which brings us back to that nasty habit we were talking about earlier...

The nasty habit is throwing 6-7 figures in ad-spend to get access to your target audiences. We get it, that's how it's normally done. But we think it sucks, and we know producers and network heads feel the same. Especially when poor ratings or box office numbers prevail.

 "...most brands are renting an audience. They’re paying six figures to put some content in front of another publication’s readers—readers they have no hope of reaching ever again unless they write another six-figure check. It’s not innovative; it’s no different than paying for a TV spot. 2015 is the year smart brands realize the true promise of content marketing and start creating robust media properties—and audiences—they own". Joe Lazauskas, Contently.com



In a survey of 20 primetime TV shows conducted by EmpireDynamic ADX in March 2015, we saw that every single production had a significant number of fake followers, significant number of inactive followers and that the shows (without exception) had fewer than 50% real active followers.

It's a well-known dirty practice, but it doesn't need to be done at all.

You can do better!!! We can help you do better!

Given a long enough window before the show airs or the film premiers (or shows at a festival), we can work with you to build a highly engaged, targeted audience from any demographic and virtually any geographical location in the world.

You've probably heard about us already, you know that we're very good at what we do. Now you're wondering if we can produce similar results for your production. Chances are we'll blow you away with our results. We're so willing to stand behind them, we give guarantees!

If your production is at least six months out from release, and you have a real understanding of the audience you want to attract, we look forward to hearing from you.


We accept clients by introduction or application ONLY. We do not accept every application. However, if you believe your brand is ready to be our next MVP, please apply below by providing us some brief details:


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