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If we could reduce your ad-spend + connect you directly with your exact target audience, would you listen?


"We develop powerful narratives that track creating highly impassioned global movements online; humanizing your message, connecting it with buyers and interest groups and leading to influential connections that expand your capabilities!" Marsha Wright, TV Business Expert & Co-Founder of EmpireDynamic ADX 


Brands need to engage their audiences authentically. Like us, major companies are uninterested in inflated 'reach' figures. It's about being part of the experiences & moments that our audiences have, so they feel connected indelibly to the brand.

We're making it easier than ever to connect brands & companies to influential personalities & digital properties. We ARE influencers! We know how important it is to be outcome-led, whether the desired outcome is transactional or to increase engagement.

We build highly targeted communities primed for valuable offers. Unlike others in the Influencer Program space who focus on touting large followings (many of which include bots and fake followers and very little guarantee of a high proportion of your target market), our audiences are highly targeted to specific niche interest groups, and they are engaging with us 24/7 365 days a year.

We're building influential communities that WE promote through ourselves, so you can believe... they are highly engaged and high-value!


We know what our audiences care about. We know what they respond to. Our influential voice and offers are crafted with exceptional copywriting, using the latest research, testing and social trends in order to predictably manifest valuable conversations that allow our followers, fans and audiences to become brand evangelists for us and anything we promote.

For brands investing 7-10 figures annually in advertising and marketing efforts, the evidence proves that sponsorship, endorsements and peer related promotions, are dollar for dollar more effective than any other medium.

adage_logo_for_twitter_v3"Recent studies of hundreds of endorsements have indicated that sales for some brands increased up to 20% upon commencing an endorsement deal. According to Anita Elberse, associate professor at Harvard Business School, some companies have seen their stock increase by .25% on the day the deal was announced." Source: AdvertisingAge.com

When we decided to launch Empire Dynamic, it was because we had successfully built, hyper-engaged communities for other brands. It became clear to us that the new wave is not merely throwing ad dollars at campaigns hoping for the best, but instead investing in building hyper-accelerated organic communities that become stand-alone profit centres.

The purpose of these profit centres is to allow brands we believe in to partner with us and deliver their 'genuinely valuable' offers to our audiences.


Today, we are not only building our own network but allowing wonderful brands with; integrity, innovation, impeccable products and phenomenal commitment to service— to become our partners by sharing our promotional space with them.

Our Hyper-Accelerated Organic Growth Is remarkableIn a long-term partnership with us, we can take a brand from achieving acceptable social media results to being on the lips and fingertips of their desired target market more expediently, more efficiently and with zero ad spend.

We can offer one-off campaigns or ongoing brand partnerships and endorsement opportunities through one or several brand properties we own and build. There are a variety of ways a campaign can take place. It could be for something you're launching for the first time, or for something you want to deepen brand exposure on.

We've been able to create movements that regularly #trend, with interest groups that spread excitement, generate genuine love & evangelism, and equate to generating revenue. Of course, all our campaigns generate wide exposure - but that exposure is with specific relevant audiences and not just a spray and pray campaign.

What makes what we do so completely out of the box, is that we will never require an ad spend from you to give you the results we achieve.


To go deeper on that... We'll work in collaboration, partnership and camaraderie with you, and deploy our strategies to your benefit, without you needing to write a check to any third-party advertisers.

If we don't have a brand property that is a perfect fit for you right now, we'll build it for you. Then you'll have, own and control an amazing community of passionate, talkative, savvy active users and consumers for your company. Imagine what you could do with that a year, two years, even five years from now. Imagine the long-term customer value and the low customer acquisition costs.

If we do have a ready community niche relevant to your message, we can deploy a campaign in a short time - we can even promote your message across our network for the biggest impact.

Either way, we're committed to authentic marketing that resonates and supersedes inflated 'reach' and 'impressions' statistics you’d get from agencies and advertisers.  We inevitably reduce your spend since we have no middlemen. We are the influencers, we own the communities, and we have a concentration of the most valuable activities that can be done to gain digital exposure.

So What Happens Next?

We’re a young energetic, knowledgeable team, dedicated to bringing the honesty, integrity, and real life value back to the marketing space.

If you would like to talk about how we can help reposition your brand/organisation with a specific campaign dedicated to helping you achieve results, let's have a conversation.

Request a callback on this form, we'll likely call you within one business day (usually we'll call you today).


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